About Me


 My name is Honey Jo, I have been a practicing massage therapist for 23 years here in Georgia. I was trained in Melbourne Fla in 1997 at Space Coast Massage Institute.

 I have worked in an array of settings. Chiropractors offices, Aspiring 5 star hotel Spa, Hospice Massage, and in my own practice. I have worked with Professional Athletes, Geriatrics, and Infants as well.

 Massage, Energy work, Healing on all levels really, has been my passion throughout my entire life.

You can trust me as your chosen therapist. Come relax, bring your body, mind, and spirit into balance. Do this in a non-judgemental compassionate atmosphere where YOUR health and vitality are my number 1 concern. Client confidentiality is always of the utmost importance.

 I have most recently become a Qi-gong practice leader and will be posting free classes throughout different locations in our area. Look for these in the classes section. Qi-gong is a way to activate the healer within, through exercise, breath, and mindfulness. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Honey Jo